Courses Recordings

Composing Music with Children

  Recordings from Composing Music with Children Richmond Course 29th and 30th June 2013 led by Rainer Kotzian. For full notation, guidance and videos you can become a Member of the Orff Society

Making Music to a Video Clip

Beginning with a movement sequence taken from a clip of a cartoon we made sounds using our bodies to accompany the movements, which progressed to using percussion instruments.
Making music to a video clip using instruments.

Piece on prepared tuned percussion

  An example of a piece for prepared tuned percussion as part of a wider composition project to celebrate John Cage's 100th birthday led by Rainer Kotzian. Can you guess the materials he used?

Two Little Dickie Birds

With thanks to Sian Davies-Barnes, this recording was taken from her recent workshop 'Creative Music Making' held in Cardiff April 2013.

I walked and walked

Composing using rhythmic patterns, beginning with speech using a story about loosing your car. Each recording shows possibilities using speech, body percussion and percussion and tuned percussion instruments.

I Walked and Walked Body Percussion

Composing using rhythmic patterns and body percussion.

I Walked and Walked Tuned Percussion

Composing using rhythmic patterns with tuned and untuned percussion instruments.

I Walked and Walked Percussion Instruments