Performances Recordings

Key Stage 2 children from William Davis Primary in Bethnal Green performed this piece on tuned percussion at Southbank's Clore Ballroom as part of the wider concert series 'The Rest is Noise.' The children introduced and led the performances.  

Piece for tuned percussion in Dorian Mode by Gunild Keetman

  The children added an improvisational section in the middle around Dorian Mode over the drone bass.

No. 2 Instrumental Piece for Tuned Percussion Orff-Schulwerk Music for Children: Book 1 Pentatonic by Carl Orff and Gunild Keetman

No Fear Playground Chant Re-invented

  The Street Ace Group from William Davis played around with a playground chant written by Shelley Pomeroy encouraging self-belief, fearlessness and an understanding that mistakes should be celebrated. The rap provided a framework for improvisation using body percussion, speech and movements from the children's culture i.e. street dancing. The children were specifically chosen for a project led by Shelley, as they receive additional support with their speech and language development in school. For some, it was their first school trip. For all of them, it was their first performance in a public arena.

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