Angelika Wolf

Angelika Wolf

Angelika studied at the Orff Institute in Salzburg. She has always been most drawn to the movement and dance aspects of the Orff Approach and has continued to develop her expertise through further studies. She writes: ‚Recent studies in Yoga and Laban Bartenieff Movement Analysis have deepened my experience in the holistic field of music and dance and my interest in the research of the possible roles of music and dance in the Orff Schulwerk pedagogy. I am currently developing the idea of introducing the versatile role of movement and dance to the music classroom teacher, awakening the experience that rhythm, rhyme, song, the slap on a drum, the tone on a xylophone and any other musical activity might be approached from movement - inner and outer - following Carl Orff’s principle of the Elemental’.

She has led workshops for teachers and student teachers in many countries including the UK. At the 2017 Summer School she led workshops throughout the week to great appreciation by the participants.

Very inspiring. Angelika's sessions were my favourite part of the week. She was great! She made her lessons very personal and really brought me on a journey about how to enjoy movement. I forgot I was a teacher picking up ideas and enjoyed every moment of her company. (York Summer School 2017)

Services Offered

CPD and Training for Teachers in Individual Primary Schools

: Whole staff training through Orff based activity
: Notes/audio/video resources
: Consultancy on music plan and how this can support whole school improvement plan including cross curricular links
: Demonstration lessons

Hire a tutor to lead one day or two day Orff-Schulwerk Courses

CPD and Training for Music Education Hubs

Session lengths dependent on individual preference but can be:

: 1 hour and 30 minute staff meeting
: Half day inset
: Whole day inset

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