Dancing with the space around us!

Dancing with the space around us!

Event date: Sat May 8 2021

Online event
10.00am - 1.00pm GMT+1

Even in these Corona times, the Orff Schulwerk pedagogy assumes that everyone can still dance musically and with intention and purpose! In this workshop we will experience the playfulness and passion of moving with ourselves and with others in online spaces. We will create alternative ways of experiencing embodiment through dance, connecting movement to music, and interacting with partners. The emphasis will be on material for children aged 7-11.

Discussion and reflections on approaches to teaching movement in music classes will support the physical work.

Christa Coogan is a faculty member in the Department of Elemental Music Pedagogy at the University for Music and Theatre in Munich, Germany. She also works with children of all ages in public schools and refugee organizations. For more than 25 years Christa has been teaching at the Orff Institute and with the San Francisco International Orff course since 2003. Christa is on the program team of the European Mentorship Programme in Orff-Schulwerk Pedagogy. She is active internationally, giving seminars and workshops throughout Europe, Asia and South America as a movement specialist in Orff-Schulwerk.


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