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  Level 1 York Summer School July 2015 16 18 Sep 14 2015
Resources, audio, pdf files from the course tutors will be uploaded here. You can keep in touch with each other too and comment and post your experiences, recordings, what happened next! View Group >>>  
  Level 2 York Summer School July 2015 11 9 Sep 14 2015
Resources from the tutors will be uploaded here - but add in your own comments, share what you think, what happened next - any videos and audio you have of the course would be great. Enjoy! View Group >>>  
  York Summer School 2015 Singing 7 10 Sep 14 2015
Resources from Ian Shirley and Andrea Sangiorgio View Group >>>  
  York Summer School 2015 Puppets 1 0 Aug 2 2015
From IndigoMoon Theatre, a selection of videos and photos. Share your experiences of the week and what you took into your own practise here. View Group >>>  
  Orff Workshops 9 23 Oct 18 2016
Discuss what you've learnt in previous Orff Workshops, share any recordings, notes and ideas. View Group >>>  
  Website Help 2 3 May 12 2015
Discussion about how to use and engage with the Orff UK website. View Group >>>  
  Videos, articles, news, 3 2 May 13 2015
What have you been reading about recently in Music Education news? Have you come across any articles, videos, blogs, sites of interest? Share them here. View Group >>>  
  Connect with others 3 1 Apr 28 2015
Latest events, arrange meetings with others, ask for help, share ideas, make friends. View Group >>>  
  Share Resources 3 5 Apr 19 2016
Do you look on line for resources? What do you find useful? Maybe not so useful?! Share your experiences and findings here. View Group >>>  
  Dersingham Music Inset 6 2 May 13 2015
Orff UK Music Training Inset 16th March 2015 View Group >>>  
  William Davis Music Inset 2 1 May 12 2015
Primary Music Inset Monday 11th May 2015. We focussed on some initial warm up activities with the voice and body, then two songs with a focus on the process of learning and then arranging with elements of our own improvisation and composition. View Group >>>