Tamara O Brian

Tamara O Brian

Tamara established her professional career in Australia where she worked as a teacher, composer and author of materials for music teachers of early years and primary aged children. She was an active member of the Australian Orff Association ANCOS, leading workshops for teachers. She came to the UK in 2013 and is now teaching in High Wycombe. Her publications include a series of books ‘We’re Orff’ Bush Fire Press (available through ibooks).

Services Offered

CPD and Training for Teachers in Individual Primary Schools

: Whole staff training through Orff based activity
: Notes/audio/video resources
: Consultancy on music plan and how this can support whole school improvement plan including cross curricular links
: Demonstration lessons

Hire a tutor to lead one day or two day Orff-Schulwerk Courses

CPD and Training for Music Education Hubs

Session lengths dependent on individual preference but can be:

: 1 hour and 30 minute staff meeting
: Half day inset
: Whole day inset

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