About the Orff Approach

The Orff Approach is an inclusive and creative approach to music and dance education.

It is a way of teaching music based on the essential relationship between music, movement and the spoken word, with three themes to bind them: rhythm, improvisation and form.

The method is also known as Orff Schulwerk and evolved out of the creative ideas and work of the composer Carl Orff and the music educator Gunild Keetman.

At Orff UK we offer practical training courses, events, advice and resources. Whether you are teacher of music in schools, an instrumental teacher, a community musician, a speech and language therapist, a teaching assistant or a parent, or as someone interested in integrating music into their work, we are here to support you.

In the Orff approach we believe that music making develops us in ways that are :

Social – we interact and share with others, communicating, adapting and collaborating

Emotional – it enables us to express and communicate feelings, to reflect or change a mood

Cognitive - our imagination and experience give form to understanding and ideas, developing our powers of perception, memory, concept formation and problem solving

Physical - we learn to control our movements and our voices with energy, dexterity, strength and coordination

Therapeutic – it calms, stimulates, comforts and energises

Spiritual – it creates the conditions for contemplation and mindfulness

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