Current Orff UK Courses

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Teaching Music through Movement and the Senses 28th January 2017
As a principle of her work, Angelika invites an encounter between music and dance with the awareness of ones own body, using tactile-kinesthetic sensation to open spaces in and around the body for movement and sound to emerge (evolve) from within. The experience of the body acting like a finely tuned orchestra, carries participants in their singing, playing and dancing along the thread of the unfolding session.
International Orff Summer School 31st July to 4th August 2017
This residential summer school offers opportunities to explore, in depth, creative approaches to teaching and learning in music. It aims to give those who work with children both in and out of school a rich and rewarding programme of workshops which explore a variety of ways of making music. Each day will offer a balance of sessions led by leading experts in the Orff approach and workshops to explore singing, and creative movement.