Current Orff UK Courses

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Body Music! With Keith Terry 30th January 2016
An inclusive workshop suitable for teachers, teaching assistants, community musicians, parents and anyone engaging with young children in music. Body Music - clapping, slapping, snapping, stepping and vocalizing is an amalgam of composition and choreography - music you can see, dance you can hear. Keith Terry is an internationally renowned percussionist/rhythm dancer and beloved Orff teacher.
Teaching for Musical Creativity 5th and 6th March 2016
Nanna Hlíf Ingvadóttir We are delighted that Nanna can return to England to lead a workshop in the southwest.The focus of the workshops will be on exploring musical material of different cultures and traditions through listening, games, movement, words, songs and playing instruments. You will engage with practical and creative ways to involve all children in making music through improvising and composing using different starting points (both musical and non-musical) all with the aim of working in multiple ways around some particular themes.
Creative Group Music Making 23rd April 2016
Activities for our voices, dancing bodies and pitched /unpitched percussion instruments will be explored within a multidisciplinary approach to imaginative and inclusive group musical activity.The workshop is suitable for teachers and practitioners who work musically with children in the 5-11 age range.