Current Orff UK Courses

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Teaching Music with the Orff Approach
9th February 2019: Composing and Arranging with Children, Lauriston Primary School E9. 27th April 2019: Cross-curricular Ideas / Music and Dance Activities, London venue tbc A series of workshops exploring different aspects of the Orff approach in teaching music creatively. There will also be opportunities for feedback on your own practice, peer support, sharing experience and further guidance.
Group Creative Activities in Music and Movement Education
St Kilian's German School, Dublin Sat 30th and Sun 31st March 2019 In this workshop we will explore ideas for creative and group learning which are at the core of the Orff approach. Led by Andrea Sangiorgio, professor of elemental music education in Munich, this course is suitable for all teachers and leaders working with children in the 6 - 14 age range.