Orff-Schulwerk Publications (a selection)

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ENGLISH EDITION (adapted Margaret Murray)

Vol.1    Pentatonic– Ed. 4965

Vol.2    Major: Drone Bass – Triads – Ed. 4866

Vol.3    Major: Dominant and Subdominant Triads – Ed. 4867

Vol.4    Minor: Drone Bass – Triads – Ed. 4868

Vol.5    Minor: Dominant and Subdominant Triads – Ed. 10920

 These five volumes show a progress illustrated with examples of what can be created. The examples are intended as “models” for further development, or as an inspiration to create something similar. There are some helpful, practical notes at the back of each volume.


Elementaria – by Gunild Keetman (ISBN-901938-04-1) a 200 page book, with many musical

            examples, which describes the early stages of Orff work.

The Schulwerk – by Carl Orff (ISBN 0-930448-06-5) The complete early history of

            Orff-Schulwerk with many musical examples and photographs – 300 pages

AMERICAN EDITION (many contributors)

Music for Children 1 Pre-School (Suitable for years 1 / 2)

Music for Children 2 Primary (Suitable for years 3 / 4)

Music for Children 3 Upper Elementary (Suitable for years 5 / 6)

These volumes are described as being the result of a “concentrated effort of a great many people. The number of contributors represents the cultural cross-section of a big country.” These volumes provide a rich and varied source of material.”


Discovering Orff – a curriculum for Music Teachers by Jane Frazee (ISBN 0-930448-99-5)

SMC99 – designed for American teachers needing detailed guidance. A comprehensive guide to Orff principles and their application

Exploring Orff – A Teacher’s Guide by Arvida Steen (ISBN 0-930448-76-6)

            366 pages of useful comment and materials for primary age range

Orff-Schulwerk – Applications for the classroom by Brigitte Warner (ISBN 0-13-639824-3)

            A practical comparison and analysis of available Orff material sources.

Orff-Schulwerk Today – Nurturing Musical Expression and Understanding by Jane Frazee

            (ISBN 1-902455-67-3) SMC570. “Seven Orff-Schulwerk master teachers share their classroom expertise and insights, enriching the texts. Collections of songs and rhymes augment materials from the Orff/Keetman volumes and supplements to address music and movement objectives. Lesson suggestions highlight musical elements and encourage self-expression. A CD of listening examples from a variety of historical periods and cultural contexts enhances the book.

Play, Sing & Dance – An Introduction to Orff-Schulwerk by Doug Goodkin (ISBN 1-902455-07-X) STAP 565. “…An overview of the dynamic approach to music education known as Orff-Schulwerk. In this comprehensive look at the many facets of this timeless practice, Doug Goodkin hopes to re-imagine its import in the lives of children, schools and culture in contemporary times.”

Hearing, Feeling, Playing – Music and Movement with Hard of Hearing and Deaf Children by Shirley Salmon with a Foreword by Dame Evelyn Glennie


Singing Drives Away Sorrow! – Songs, Games and Dances from Latin America by Sofia López-Ibor & Verena Maschat (ISBN: 1-902455-44-4) With DVD. Language: Spanish – English, Series: Orff-Schulwerk

            A selection of songs, games, dances, stories and instrumental pieces from the Spanish-speaking countries of Central and South America: Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Uruguay and Venezuela.

            This book presents a rich and varied selection of material from an immense geographical area, combining local traditions with foreign elements and influences to engage and inspire teachers and students. The DVD with practical demonstrations of the dances will help teachers present these materials in the classroom

Hello Children – A collection of songs and related activities for children aged 4 – 9 arranged by Shirley Salmon (ISBN: 978-1-84761-052-2)

            The related activities arising from these songs include sensory awareness, movement and dance, voice and language, playing instruments, listening, visualising, social forms and drama. It is written for pre-school and primary teachers working with children aged 4-9, for music teachers and for teachers working with groups of mixed ability.


Music Connections (Kate Buchanan & Stephen Chadwick) Practical Music for all Primary Class Teachers.(Published Cramer Music – Order Ref: 90559; ISBN:0-902577-03-4)

A very well-organised book, full of ideas, containing useful worksheets and two CDs.

“BEATERS” Series (all Schott publications)

Music in Action (Michael Lane) - an interpretation of Carl Orff’s Music for Children with practical examples (Ed. 12162)

Dr. Knickerbocker (Diana Thompson/Shirley Winfield) - many ideas for working with untuned percussion instruments (Ed. 12163)

Strike Five (Peter Sidaway) - an introduction to working with tuned percussion (Ed. 12164)

Catch a Round (Peter Sidaway) - many different ways of using rounds and including instrumental accompaniments (Ed. 12165)

Shoo Fly (Francine Watson Coleman/Margaret Murray) – folk dance with Orff instruments introduced through movement games (Ed. 12166)

Jazzylophone (Kate Baxter) gives a clear insight into elementary jazz presented in a lively and interesting way, mainly for secondary schools (Ed. 12168) Classroom pack (Ed.12168-01)