A Cognitive Perspective about Music Learning

For an Integration within the Elemental Music Education of a Cognitive Perspective about Music Learning.

Music and dance education in the tradition of the Orff-Schulwerk can be enriched by the theoretical and didactic contribution of E. Gordon’s Music Learning Theory, says Andrea Sangiorgio.

A Tribute to Margaret Murray
Orff Schulwerk in Schools

Marjorie Blackburn in the late 1960’s wrote a series of articles on Orff Schulwerk in schools in the United Kingdom.

Orff-Schulwerk as Anthropology of Music

Andrea Sangiorgio asks the question ‘if an anthropologist of music came in while I’m teaching children, what would he see?’

Orff-Schulwerk: Past and Future

This speech was given by Carl Orff at the opening of the Orff Institute in Salzburg on 25 October 1963. He describes Orff Schulwerk and its importance in teacher training. It was translated by Margaret Murray. (first attachment)

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