Add a tone and Instrument Researcher

Composing adding a tone each time and researching a variety of ways to play instruments to compose. From Rainer Kotzian.

Cobbler Cobbler mend my shoe
Composing with the Voice
Comptine d’un autre ete arrangement
Dum dum daya tuned percussion
Dum dum daya untuned percussion
Imagery and Sound

Musical ideas as a starting point for improvising with instruments.

It’s Oh So Quiet and Composing Ideas

A waltz, directing exercise, music listening and composition. From Rainer Kotzian.

John Cage 5 x 5 for tuned percussion

Each player plays a trill on 1 note given on the below grid. The group are conducted by a stopwatch, they watch for each time it is their turn to play. This can be played in 5 groups rather than 5 players. See the notation below.

John Cage Inspired Composition

Including a listening comprehension exercise for prepared xylophone by Rainer Kotzian inspired by John Cage. Listen and try to identify the materials he used, e.g. wood, plastic.

Natural Environments Composition
Natural Environments Composition 2
Percussion soundtrack activity
Samba Lelê (Barbatuques)

Song by Brazilian body music group ‘Barbatuques.’ In this version adapted by Rainer Kotzian, we created body percussion to accompany the song, composed our own patterns and followed rhythmic notation using cups. For notation and further information on adapting this piece for teaching, see: Composing Music with Children Course Materials

Sulla Rulla arrangement on instruments
The River is Flowing Composition 2
The River is Flowing Compositions
The Train arrangement 2
The Train arrangement 3
We’re sailing in our little boat

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