Autumn’s Here
Hamba Nathi

With thanks from Andrea Sangiorgio from Creative Approaches to Music Education Course in Exeter 2015. The song is a traditional Xhosa hymn entitled “Hamba nathi Mkhululi wethu” which, roughly translated, means “Go with us, our saviour”. You’ll be hearing a lot more of it as the 2010 SA football/soccer world cup approaches as it appears to have become an unofficial war cry in South Africa.

I didn’t get it from the Lord

Get to know children and adults by teaching this name song by French singer Camille adapted by Rainer Kotzian. Each participant adds a characterising adjective to their name starting with the same letter e.g. restless Rainer. This song encourages improvisation too!

I didn’t get it from the Lord
I love the see the wheels in motion
Les Tisserands

A French song about idle weavers, includes full score set to Orff instruments.

Look at this bird

A song to teach beater skills for tuned percussion and to orientate children with different pitches on tuned percussion.

Meerkats wearing Sailor Hats
Oop Bop Sh Bam

Composing a melody, scat singing from Rainer Kotzian.

Sa Eg Spoa

An Icelandic Spring Cannon. Ever struggle to get children to sing in parts? Nanna Hlif Ingvadottir offers a creative solution using newspaper and movement.

Sing, sing, sing

Composing with speech and melody, from Rainer Kotzian.

The Owl Song

Ideas Shirley Salmon for ‘The Owl Song’ (by Gerda Bächli) which offers a multitude of possibilities for creative music and movement activities in inclusive classrooms.

We Say Hello

Children say hello and move around the circle, clapping each others hands during the rests. Count to three and turn your backs from each other, jump around after three. If you turned the same way give each other a hug! If you turned the opposite way, shake hands sadly. Great for bonding and coordination.

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