Autumn Dance
Ce Fut En Mai

Very simple Medieval circle dance from Andrea Sangiorgio.

Chakkardi Bhamardi Dance composition
Da Ram Dam Dance and Accompaniment
Dağlar Gibi

Turkish song and dance in 7/8 about a fisherman in the Black Sea, adapted by Rainer Kotzian. You can develop this by learning the song and dance, introduce the accompaniment using body percussion, practise the percussion with mallets and transfer to tuned percussion.

Death and Love shadow puppets
Drum and Movement Composition analysis
Drum and Movement Composition group 1
Drum and Movement Composition group 2
Gum Boot Dance

Composing Rhythm and Movement, a South African dance and song from Rainer Kotzian.

A song and dance from Lenka Pospisilova (Czech Republic.) Process by Andrea Sangiorgio with his permission.
Mayim Mayim (Complex version)
Mayim Mayim (Simplest version)
Mayim Mayim Dance Preparation
Mom Bar from Andrea Sangiorgio

Mom Bar is an Armenian dance which I learned from Andrea Ostertag (Or -Institute Salzburg). It is published by Fidula Verlag in a collection of various Folk dances. Though being in 10/8 (3+2+2+3), which might sound challenging, this circle dance is easy to perform, placing the steps on the rst three macrobeats of the bar: RLR towards the right, LRL towards the centre of the circle, again RLR towards the right, and LRL outwards. The melody is repeated many times over a dynamic arch from p to f and back to p. Along with the simple steps – to be performed with closed eyes, ‘sensing’ the neighbours through the little ngers – the music gives a sort of meditative character to the experience of dancing and with this an intimate fusion within the group where the sense of self can temporarily and safely dissolve. It works well with children from 8-9 years old and, in my experience, provides a very good way to feel a sense of unity within the group.

The Elements Puppet Show
Tiger Rag Dance with shadowing section
Under the Sea Puppet Show
Walliser Ziberli

A dance in couples from Switzerland, process by Andrea Sangiorgio.

War and Peace puppet show
When Planting Gardens Dance
Wo ssadu li

Composing with movement and form, Russian Dance from Rainer Kotzian.

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